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Romantic Scenic Flight Around Dallas & 3 Course Dinner

Delta Charlie’s fills patrons fuel tanks with classic American fare in preparation for a post-dinner flight over the Dallas metropolis. After prepping palates with a caesar salad, patrons can rally their taste buds around a fish, poultry, beef, or vegetarian main course. Grilled or blackened, the tilapia comes crowned with mango pico de gallo, and the grilled chicken lazes on a bed of linguini snuggled in an onion-and-garlic-cream-sauce blanket.

Devour the rib-eye steak, marinated in a cabernet-mushroom sauce, or quell herbivoracious appetites with a school of artichokes, zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and tomatoes swimming in a sea of swirly, tricolor rotini pasta. To conclude the ground-bound activities, couples can treat their tummies to a raspberry-sauce-smeared slice of cheesecake or chocolate-brownie sundae as sweet as a valentine from a cupcake.

During the 30-minute sightseeing flight, provided by¬†Aviator Air, couples will board a privately piloted plane and soar over downtown Dallas in a sky filled with countless ready-to-shoot stars and the moon’s romantic crooning. Satiate avian appetites on bird’s-eye views of Dallas landmarks including the historic Cotton Bowl and expansive Fair Park.

Our Dinner & Flight Package includes:

A 3-course dinner for two PLUS a sightseeing tour over Dallas.

Flight times are available Wednesday through Sunday from 5 pm until 9:30pm.

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